Information Security Policy

As a leading information security service provider, Swadaya-Tech recognises the importance of safeguarding its operational information.


The information security objective is to protect the credibility and reliability of its operational information, minimize the risk of damage by preventing security incidents and reducing their potential impact.

Policy Statement

Swadaya-Tech is committed to exercise its functions with due diligence to ensure confidentiality, integrity and availability of its operational information is assured and protected from recognised information security threat.

Swadaya-Tech is committed to a sustainable development within the context of its business operation and aims to continually improve the information security management system.

Swadaya-Tech will ensure the continuous availability of information for business processes during adverse situations.

Swadaya-Tech will provide adequate resources, personnel and requisite training so that all employees are aware of and are able to fulfil their information security roles and responsibilities.

Swadaya-Tech will ensure timely communication with relevant parties should an information security incident detected according to the established incident management processes.

Swadaya-Tech will strictly comply with all applicable laws and regulations related to information security and enforce the same to all organizations that have dealings with the business operation.

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