Managed Cyber Security Services (MCSS) provides cyber security protections to enterprise in a most cost-effective manner and to equip them with the technologies from our principals to secure their enterprise infrastructure without
worrying about the challenges of capital expenses, human resources issues and
technology obsolescence.

Range of Managed Cyber Security Services

  • Managed Security Incident & Event Manager (SIEM)
  • Managed End Point Security
  • Managed Parameter Defence
  • Managed Cloud Security
  • Managed IDM

Studies has shown that there are new vulnerabilities coming out every minute, hence Vulnerability Management As Managed Services (VMMS) is one of the most suitable solution to address this issue.

It is a subscription-based outsourced Continuous Cyber Security Assessment and Management Service that offers on-going, periodic or on demand proactive scanning, monitoring and protection of your Information Technology infrastructure and assets from External Threat Vectors. Using trusted assessment technologies and proven methodology, we continuously assess our client’s IT Infrastructure, detect and alert any vulnerabilities that may represent a security threat and recommend the appropriate remedies to prevent the weakness from being exploit.

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